What About Chip And Marvin?

A lot that you do not understand.A lot that they do not understand,my position is much more simple,I held auditions and hired a live act that I wanted to play with the rest of my days.With the best muscians I could find.First I hired Chip as anyone would and had already hired a great drummer but Chip said "lets just jam with this one guy I know and you can decide as you will and so in came Marvin.As classic to all rock and roll bands we did a couple of jams and said "shit,we have got it!"The first tune we did was "High Society" Right away as much as the playing was also the stage presence and showmanship yet we also knew just as chillingly that the world was going to reject us.A black rock and roll band fronted by a white frenchman,what are the chances of that in 1984?In a world of so many copy cats and imitators we are a unique thing.Never before was their a band like us and never shall one like us be again.In the deep south people wanted to hear us play and then lynch us after the show.We did it anyway and it hurt all of us bad to do it.Yet we did the best that we could do in the time we had to do it.And who knows? We may return yet again!We blew away NYC,not as performers,just as people.Later as performers on the tune we wrote and did together.Here is the thing,after I took them to NYC they wanted to stay there."let's start all over again here,whatever we have to do we will do." They did not want to go back to Tampa and the low paying one nighters,the lynch mobs and all of that shit again,they wanted to be the stars that they are.And to me they shall always be so.Somehow we got along in very tight conditions,no sloppinees was tolerated in our performance