What About Your Guitar?

"It appears in the new music you are doing that you have all but abandoned the guitar." "Not so sayeth me,the songs are all built on the guitar,it is the silver needle.Yet the voice is the golden cord. Yet the use of the guitar is now much more subtle.On the album,yes that is being done, there is more than plenty of guitar,yet in the studio has been a lot of growth and expansion,instead of a guitar solo that would have sounded like millions of other guitar solo's I played an oboe for the solo section.I had recorded a guitar solo,and it was sweet yet my producer and I looked at each other,it just clicked man and he said "can you do a different instrument there for the just sounds to typecast."Zing! right away I knew the oboe was perfect.It fit the stripper much better in the film. I record in part at Colorama Studios for the reason that I can choose from 200 vintage guitars which one would be the best sound.Plus my double bass is there."Poor Side" was done on a 1963 Rickenbacker 360,all of the electric guitar parts.I don't choose the guitar either,they choose the best one for me.What do I care,they are all vintage not re-makes in show room condition.Les spent a lot of bread and traveled the world to get his collection.Myself,I don't want to carry a bunch of guitars around,I suffered a devastating guitar heist.The collection I had was perfect for me.The foul bastards did not get my Les Paul Custom because she was with me.Right away I had a friend of mine put her into a vault.Then I got an amazing deal on a little German made Hofner Colorama."Plain Jane."I got her refinished and rebuilt by the factory in Germany.Set up for my gauges of 0.12 to 0.56,with 8 coats of the finest black lacquer,Her name is now "Berquis."You will hear her on the next tune..