What Is The Hardest Thing About Getting And Keeping A Band Going?.

All of you have got to be pulling in the same direction.100% If you have got this down you have something good going.And you ought to not take that for granted.That is what makes the difference.It is a precious commodity that will lead you to a good agent and larger venues for better money and an increased fan base.In the new music world there are a zillion bands and that is okay yet most of them are not going to be around for six months.98% of them really.To be in a band is to survive through a bad marriage where at best you can still part as good friends.The end of a band that all pulls in the same direction is not even a death,it is an expansion of everyone's personal and successful expression.When even THE BEATLES broke up each member was ready to do great things as indivduals.And all of them as indiviuals charted to the top 10 in the old music world(billboard,cashbox) repeatedly.And all of them had great material on their own.What more can one say behind that? No other rock and roll band can even touch that kind of a claim.What an astounding testimony to the talent contained within this band!The Zenith of professionalism.It would be granted that John and Paul would be okay on their own but George and Ringo as solo artists came up to challenge them for chart position and both of them very strong.And this is in the big league major label world.The mastery of the game.I never understood why Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts did not do a solo project together.Well they did really.. they both backed up "Howlin Wolf" on "The London Sessions."Do you think dear and departed Brian Jones would have shit himself over that?"Wolf" certainly dug it, he had the tighest rock anf roll rhythm section in the world on his recording.One that in their position within The Rolling Stones had performed at every major venue in the world to a total riot.And did not miss a quarter note.The Chicago Blues found it's way to the UK-London and trust me on this that postwar London was not the best place to raise your children and to live your life.You looked out the window to check on your children and found them playing games in the rubble of bombed out buildings.Postwar life was much tougher in London than in Chicago.But Chicago,in the US,the jewel of the great lakes,"The Printing Capitol Of the Whole World"Embraced her fantatic artists,supported and cared for them.Not real huge money and in the clubs it was floating everywhere,that city runs 24/7 just like NYC does but she got hit by the blues by postwar black artists migrating from the slave plantations of the deep south to the two big cities up north,Chicago and Detroit...Forever The Motor City.But I would not want to move there.I would just move to CHI and hook up with a good booking agent.Yet if going that extreme I would be headed to San Fran.It is not about the money here people,If I can pay the rent and my little bills and carry on I am all good.I,by choice am a Florida Artist.And I love it!The minute I crossed that state line I said "I am so glad to be home tonight." Stank -ass Florida!"I hate you because you are filthy,I love you because you are my home."Deep South,The Airport from my city is so amazing..NYC-"the big apple" is a two hour flight.NYC really though, is it.And when I arrived on poinsetta dirt I took a good old whiff and got so stoned.As exec producer I had gone over was so risky Yet I still said "let us get to work. I put up my home as collatoral