When are You Going Back To The Stage Live?

I never left that.But now I don't have a live band going of my own plus no mamagenent nor agent.the concentration is toward the studio and the much more mundane duties of music publishing.still I have been regular on the road as bassman/vocalist. For The T-Blue band.It is a real shot in the arm back to the beginnings of it when I was a high school kid.The break up of my live band was a very hard thing to take.After many years of being spit upon and disrespected because of the racial make-up of the group.Essentially two black brothers,Chip and Marvin and me.the major astonishment delivered to white southern audiences of black dudes doing very loud rock and roll music twisted and tainted by funk and r&b,the white bands could do the rock just great but they could not cut the funk and r&b like we did.Plus the stage show,that which was visible.Chip and I rocking out,we would do moves and look out and see the audience go into pandemonium,dancing all over the stage back and forth,never competing for attention-fluid and smooth separate lines.Being warned by local police that we would have to escape a lynch mob after the show all by ourselves.Not just once,many,many times.Perhaps in some ways we were at fault as we also lived the lifestyle of a rock and roll band on the road and away from home.Burning up famous highway 41.We never got out of the south and really I mean the deep south.We would still get booked although we were very blacklisted becuase we would draw and make money for the club owners as people really wanted to see "these three fucking niggers!"Myself of course included because they wanted to hang me too,probably first.Even in the big cities in America,nobody had anything like this going.We were living out in real life this incredible movie!Our agents fees were very fair 10% so we enjoyed a modest income of $250.00 a week most of the time.Well after so of the crazy stuff we would have dry periods,be blacklisted again and such it was always a resistance to funny it is that we would be hated,loved when we did our show and then have to run for our fucking lives after it.We always got our pay though and we earned it too,we sold a lot of booze when we played.And we knew right at the start,the first rehearsal that the world was going to be against us.That we would for a long time be fighting rejection and all kinds of social racist attitudes.We would feel we were gaining ground when people talked to us to our face,local white bands were prominate to come and see us and re-affirm us to our presence but it is what is said behind your back that you must consider.Our attitude towards this was very hardcore publicly and very gentle realistically,we believed in a world coming where everyone was one day going to respect eachother so that we all could get along.We would talk about such things with bullets raining upon the armor of the schoolbus and I was driving rednecks off the road.At a point this kind of a thing makes you tired.More than physically tired that you can rest from,it begins to suck up your life energy.We just were born at the wrong time,we were in the wrong place.Everything was against us.Our main thing was to not allow the world to miss us,but they did.We sailed to far over their heads.Our small group of true fans called us "The Black Beatles." And how very true that is.We set all of that straight when we went to NYC to record the only thing that the world may ever hear of us.(oo) (oo)