Who Do You Thank

God forgive me,I first have to to thank my Mother.My best soldier.I have to do that because it would not have happened without her.This was how she wanted it to be.She insisted from my childhood that I be a serious musician,later on my sister insisted that I become a serious singer.On her deathbed I played my Mom my rock and Roll and she started dancing,how shw loved it! And she laughed and said "It is going to take a miracle for you to make it."m good with that,I know it is true.I did my best and I stand upon it.It is my works.It all has been very hard to do.I was not a pleasure cruise,I got my share of kicks to the face but I came through.You can't just play this at your desk,you have got to live it.You must be up for the hunt to do what thou whilst.You must show up on time and deliver it.God understood all of this but my Mother was just a human being.She put off her dream,which she could have done for mine.Yet she demanded excellence.My dearest sister was all on to me about being a singer.Which later became where it was at.I was the top pupil in my voice classes I tell you.That was after 12 years on the road by the way.People wanted to hear me sing more than anything else I could.At first it was all original meterial.Then came the covers but we own the copyrights of those cover versions.Dig that if you can,And the covers were done the same as the originals.Just as much time and attention was put into it.But I holthe exclusive rights of my cover versions.Yes I still have to pay the original writers and their publishers their royalties yet if my version of the cover is used they have got to pay me.It is of no matter legally who wrote and published the original tune.