Why Was the Reverand On Cloud 15?

He was always backing me up on projects and as long as he got paid he was cool.I would walk in with him into all kinds of adventures and he would drop it behind me,it is a very impressive thing.He was taken back by the fact that I wanted to spotlight him and lay out HIS talent to the world.He had figured I could not lay down my own ego for that long.Yet he had something welling up inside of him.You can deny me my place,i guess you may think that you can.But I am not going to allow you to diss my beautiful artists.My bad ass band of talent.I live in like a TOTAL redneck town.A total anti-culture place.They threw the philharmonic symphony orchestra out of town!Even the extreme wealthy are rednecks!I despise it because it is filthy but I love it because it is home.It has the number one airport in the world!I can johnny off easy to any location in the world.This place just makes me sick so much but when I am flying back home I am so glad to get on back to T-Town!Yes,Tampa.That Old Whore.Home sweet home!