With tears In my Eyes I asked Tom To produce Me

I must have a producer,a great one to bring myself as an artist across to you.From years onstage I have hearing loss,most musicians do.And you see that makes it,when you are producing a recording a problem because at some frequencies you are difficient to descern the correct amount of silence needed.I was in the presence of greatness.Savoring it too..because his thing was about having good clean fun and in his personal life he was suffering greatly and concerned about the welfare of his children,Oh man,I met the wizard of OZ behind the curtian and he was bigger behind the curtain then his emminence front.A fearless man!"You don't have to cry Rene,I understand and will be there if you pay for the studio time."This was my biggest can I explain artist in the studio in terms of recording science, is a big gambler without a trusted producer.This sets you free to be an artist.At morrisound I was NOT permitted to not have fun,plus cause I was paying for the studio time I was the executive producer.In post I would just watch Tom go crazy with the gear that was stolen,and it did not take much as he told me that the thing to do was make a great dry recording.Then just ice the cake with the outboard gear,which is listed as stolen here.Marvel at that man because it is most flush!Rob Valdez co-produced with me what I gave him,and Iwas always off the wall,although rehearsed.Having the time of my life!