Working with Covers

"What Is Holding Up The Film release?" Licensing issues that have to be dealt with in advance.The soundtrack is a new media version of a cover song.As executive producer I have to handle the administrative "mundane" publishing duties.If you are releasing a vid with a cover you haven't cleared you can really get zapped.So if you release to quick you can find yourself going "Whoops! I ought to have thought of that!"rolling out a film of your fave local band doing a cover I don't think you much have to worry about that.The venue has already paid the royalties to ASCAP/BMI,but a production is a different animal.You have to credit and pay royalties to the songwriter and publisher.That is how the thing works so your channel does not get shut down and you can keep your fanny out of court.It is much cheaper to pay up and credit.Then the sync license,the grail if you will,HFA will not even deal with it,you have to contact the publisher and tell them what you are doing and why.They cannot refuse a mechanical license,they can refuse a sync,or charge you any fee they want to.They may want to preview it before you release to make sure it is in good taste.Perhaps the songwriter does not want their material shown in a bad light and they can say no.As a songwriter myself I would like that option.The best way to approach a publisher is to have the mechanical in place.You have bought them a grand spag dinner,Their tune is going to live one more life.I only cover the best.In my country in a copyright infringement lawsuit,you will be facing down The United States Attorney.I do not want to do that.I should not have to,I paid Johnny Rivers and his publishers his royalties to date.It is all good.