Ye Mystic Krewe And My Film Crew

I had to turn to and still do to "Ye Mystic Krewe"when I get into a jam,and they always have my back,and the film crew,this stuff was not shot on a cellphone it was on a dvd camera.I traveled with the film crew and ate at the taco wagon with them. Largely they were taken for granted by the cast but not by me.All of them were very advanced and skilled as well as "Ye Mystic krewe" who are actually professional actors.It is such fun to work with cool people!Everyone showing up on time,no drama,stone pro's although much of their best work may be in advertising or ESPN.Yet they dig it when I call them about a project.I mean serious,they have got to come in and frame out the whole deal,build up a storyboard,the lighting and audio side of it.