Yet do not be mislead.Chip,Marvin,Andre,Jordan and I were the baddest thing that ever flew into NYC!

My hands were shaking at ther combination of talent I was taking up to NYC.We could only stay short and had to leave short yet we became that city fully and that city embraced us.We were much rock hardcore than "Blackstar." Yet unlike "Blackstar" we had done the roadwork,how we made our living,sometimes to barely escape with our lives intact.We were having a ball in NYC,helping little old ladies across the street and even walking them home.We had many intense and violent even,disagreements,ha!...with fish and grits cooking on the stove...ummm oh god,so tasty!Juggling all of this crazy stuff.And man just drinking in that city.Everywhere we went we were cooking food,not that we are gluttons as we shared many a plate with everyone yet Marvin insisted that we were going to eat good,so we would feel good.So we had to catch,clean, and fillet a bunch of gulf seafood that we froze to take with us.PLUS GRITS,YOU CAN'T GET THEM IN NYC.I was very proud of them!They came through so bad that they could not even handle it!