Yet What If After All That You Are Overlooked Again?

The moat important thing is the vibe you are working with in the studio.The Creation of the strongest synergy possible.I am not a salesman selling you something I am an artist creating a message which someone may want to purchase allowing my to have a life and create the next work.And I am a commercail artist in terms that I get paid to perform.In whatever medium that now or may in the future exist.That means that I am playing and singing something that people want to hear.To touch their inner soul with a message.If it were just about the money or fame I would have stopped doing this a long time ago.There would have been much easier ways to make a lot of money.That to me would be selling out.Especially to go through the motions of a job that you hate and are totally uninspired by.And with the economy being now what it is one ought to be very grateful to even have work to put a roof over the heads of your family and a little food upon the table.And in all of this time I never stopped loading the equipment into a van and going off on the road to play a show.Showing up on time and taking the equipment out of the van and setting it all up.tuning up the instruments and performing the show.Getting paid and tearing down the show to load it back into the van and leave out to the next one.A lot of famous groups forget where they came from.I have been doing this from when I was in sixth grade of elementary school loading the stuff into Mom's station wagon with her driving.She was so happy for the band to get a paying gig after listening to all of you rehearse night after night in the basement,garage,bedroom,,,whatever and now here go my boy's just like the beatles.I really loved how cool this was,to sucessfully work a gig.Even when i was just a kid in junior high school nobody missed band practice.Nobody would dare to miss band practice.We were as serious as a heart attack!