Worland,Wyoming,I was on my first out west tour from Nashville with Vocalist/Great-Pattie Flores.J actually saved my ass because i was about to be fired and sent on a bus back to Nashville.Try as a may I could not play country music,I hated it!!!He had been in the club and I did not know who he was,did not know he was famous and we both were much younger and he said "I dig the way you play,let's have a bbq on sunday and jam a bit.I told him I was about to get fired because I can't play country and we ended up going through Patties set list and he showed me a bunch of fingerings and positions and how to play lead as simple as possible.We were drinking white wine and had purchased some really good meat that we were roasting and had fun playing long into the evening.I was surprised that he remembered and i was knocking the band out with my country lead guitar!Even the polkas I had down tight!That song was part of that night in Wyoming,at a state park pickin' and grinnin'You ain't ever gonna take that away from me and REMEMBER Duane Allman!