You Are Friends With David Ruffin Jr.?

Ruff???...are you kidding me? I am holding him to a promise he made me."The first one to score a major label deal will allow the other to do a collaboration."I joke with him telling him every tune he does is missing my guitar part.Just ask shawn Brown about it.James Peterson.I will fuck up a pocket really tight.Make you look your best.Look at James Brown and his guitarist.All of these cats,their producers do not want guitar on their records.I do not get that at all,maybe it is not a solo thing but just a tight pocket part.All that you need is a few very well played notes,for your platinum seller to go multi-platinum.And if I move up first in line I am not gonna forget Ruff.I am going to have him on the lead vocal mic doing a collab!Yes I am tight with just ask him and he will tell you.