You Are Moving To Doing All Covers On Your New Album?

No,there are a couple that I want to do for marketing purposes.Some new originals plus a couple of good tunes that I wrote years ago that never saw the light of day.One of the new tunes I wrote I feel would be good for a young boy rock group,a stone temple pilot type of tune.I have some killer live tracks from early shows I did when I was a young boy that have never been heard.At the same time I am looking for a much different approach then I did before.This is what turned the producer on.I want to enjoy it without a lot of concern for the commercial elements of it.At the end of the day it is my studio work that is going to remain as I shall fade from the live stage.With the live band I work with currently most of what I do onstage for my leads are rolling stones songs,which are fun and always popular yet I can do much more than that but that is what I get paid to do.Mick Jagger is an unreal phenomenon as a singer,no doubt but there are many I feel that there are much better singers than him.You know,more challenging to cover.I don't mean to slag Mick,I apologize,singing his stuff has put a lot of spaghetti dinners on my table but if that is the only mold you have got to work with it is quite limiting as an artist.