You Are Much More Into Singing Than Before

Yes,concentrating more upon it,having much more fun with it.I spend much more time working on it though,in my spare time if I ever have any I am usually hanging out with singers from other bands and we are always strumming up a sing-song to have some fun.Usually rolling into the wee hours on the morning.Meeting up after shows or going to eachother's shows if we get done early.I am always working upon it though,whatever I may be doing I am singing.You might think that getting together with a bunch of singers would be a huge ego problem but it is not and everyone is stretching it out as far as it can go and you appreciate and admire what everyone can do.You harmonize together and all kinds of stuff.You have to because you can get real rusty in a hurry if you are not working it.I still am doing the lion's share of the music on the recordings.Always have yet the decisions in the earlier recording were more based on what music was to be done and the vocals fell into line with that.Now it is what is going to be sung and the music falls in line with that.I do commercial jingles at a low watt FM station,that music is already done and I just walk in and sing.It is a real fun thing and pretty challenging because i don't have an arrangement per say to sing,just the written script to sell tiles or cars or whatever.The 20 bucks an hour goes a long way to help with the bills but the program director wants two jingles done an hour.One day I may release an album called "The greatest jingles album" based on the sales results.It is most of all a really fun and sincere radio crew to hang with.And this is regional,not global work at least at this time.But it is real prostuff nonetheless.In my life I have in certain sold several multiple millons tons of liquor and beer singing in the clubs.Sometimes you may only play to six or seven people and the clubowner is still pretty happy 30 people came in at midnight after the bowling league let out and stayed until closing.Oh thank you Lord,and the original six or seven people stayed all night too!If you are working a club playing your music what you are really doing is selling booze.That determines whether you are going to be paid without complaint or stiffed.And perhaps asked for a return engagement.So if I sing to sell booze and sell millions of tons of it,why not tires,ect...And it was not work to me,well,yes it was because you have to be a pro,you must show up on time and be in shape to deliver the goods.Being able to adapt yourself so you can pull in the same direction with everybody else on a given project,that makes things go smooth.Success requires synergy, a weak link is of no help to anyone,and if you just want to walk around an be an asshole to everybody,times are rough,How many of you know that you do not stop working until the day is over?You can only make hay whilst the sun is shining,while it is day in your life you have got to work because nightime is coming to your life.It might not be this saturday night or this year,but it IS COMING.You young folks may not understand what the grown-ups are not telling you,that you to one day before you know it are going to grow are going to become if you are blessed that geezer that you once scoffed at.The beautiful thing about being young,if you are blessed and healthy is the amount of time that you view that you still have.As your body hold up you will begin to think that you are always going to remain young and honey you ain't going to do that.Your wonderful and fresh young friends are also going to grow up with you.How we all stuck together when we were young,were able to rely and depend upon eachtother,how easy we could share our empathy with eachother.Then one by one we became adults with different priorities,I want to place my family first.And then people we knew began to die.And oh how we miss them when they are gone.How we wished they were still alive just to call on the phone or send an e-mail to say Hi,I miss you!Then have them write back.That is what the grown ups are not telling you.It is hard for them to handle it too becuase when you are young you think you're going to escape it yet you are not.and you will be very fortunate to even find one good friend to be there and relate to have to forgive the grown ups and your parents,we observe the fire of your youth and remember when you know?the thing we lost you see was the empathy that we once had for eachother when we felt we had to become adults with FEARS of what might happen.Pretty good post tonight huh?Thank you for hanging with me tonight,I know that you are out there and I love and miss you.Try if you can not to look down to much on someone that is struggling,tomorrow that may be you.The more that we can do a little bit even to lift eachother up the better.I told you oh so the truth tonight my brothers and sisters,my beloved.if you want to test me go to a local edlerly nursing home and take a look.And every ancient culture had respect for their elders.The one's that cleaned you butt and poopy diaper ain't so bad really to change your baby.You clean them up and polish and powder their little fanny and they are so comfortable and happy.Probably hungry too..I am very happy,my son has come back around to being my tightest pal.I don't know even if you can imagine Dad your son son coming around as a man to knock on your door because he missed you and wanted to just have a chat with you.I speak to my son and he speaks to me,with me hanging on his every word and the sparks of the words are like that when a hammer makes a perfect strike upon an anvil.(The American Impact Logo).It causes a spark.TO START ANYTHING YOU FIRST MUST HAVE A SPARK!Boom,Boom,Boom,Boom/Thank you!I was always into the singing yet as time goes on you get more and more into it.