You Cannot Face What Is Soon to Come With Fear And Hatred

It is going to happen whether you like it or not.You have just got to get over your selfish notion of me,me,me and material quickly passing things to realize that we are all one and that everything is one.The best way to keep what you have is to give it away.To be motivated by fear is unholy.It is a fantastic time to move from the physical and material to the spiritual.The material world as we have come to know it has come to it's end.You can in fear and panic try to hold onto it.Yet you see you are looking outward and not spiritually inward.All material wealth is no longer going to be of any value.Nor of any practical use.The illusion that you have created around your physical being,your human body and existance will quickly fade to nothing and only your spiritual existance shall remain.With ease they can kill your body yet not your spirit.The object of value now is your soul.We are all one and everything is one.And as such it is HOLY and eternal.Changes that are coming are of course to us in our human form quite alarming and thus you have your life to live today,that is all that you have is today,it goes no further than that.And you should embrace this day that you have and live it to the fullest.Every effort shall be made to hang on to the old way and if you want to stay here that is your choice.It is going to gain you nothing.Spiritually you will stay here,now as a slave to it,so many have already bought their ticket to it with no refund.Sold the ownership of their own soul to the pleasures and leisure of the passing world.And here shall they stay but not as the masters anymore but as the servants of it.They shall remain on this spiritual level,that is what they bought into,they bought into, almost there.Every ideal of the secular Planet Earth is ALMOST there and they have chosen to live in that guilded cage...forever.And it is NEVER enough,forever unsatisfied.Instead of to enjoy the plenty you have it is to persue to have more,whoever you have to step on and whatever you have got to do you will do it.You must own everything and toally control it.And in your spirit you are so miserable.Discontent and wanting more and more and so you need to stay here with that.Such has been your choice.With the old Earth and whatever may remain of it which shall not be one stone standing upon the other.Not one divot of sod shall you posess in the promised land.My beloved, fear not the terrible things that are going to happen soon...It has to be so.These things have got to happen.It is the only way.The holy city,the true Jerusalem is coming soon.We have got to finish the race all the way my beloved brothers and sisters.