You Did Not Put Any Dislikes In Your Bio,what Do You Dislike?

Lazy people,especially the one's who come forth with a very showy half effort.It is like smoke in my eyes!If I want to check out an actor I watch a film or get a date and go to a play.Oh they lean so hard on that half effort and you are busy doing what you do completing tasks and you also have to pick up on this halfass thing and complete that too.They drop something and you come over to help them pick it up and they walk away.To the next project they will complete halfway.Oh and they appear busy busy,this is not teamwork it is co-dependency.They do half of the job and then goof off whilst you are finishing the task.It buys them time to drink on the clock and whatever..I say leave all of their half assed shit to sit.Their name is on not finish it for them.