You Do A Lot Of Symphonic Double Bass On Your Recorded Work?

Yes.More and more,Colorama has one in the studio which is great,Sam Ash,actually the warehouse helped me out on "American Idol" with an under the table rental,An even decent one is a three to five thousand dollar instrument.I would not want to use one outside of the studio enviornment,I live in a very humid place most of the year so tuning is a nightmare cause the fretboard is going to sweat and to carry one around man you need a whole minivan just for the bass.I got into it when my son was a philharmonic student and had his school one at home so I got familiar with it.In the studio I will do on a tune 3 to 4 composite bass tracks with one on double bass complete.Then pick and choose with my producer.Through years of roadwork I really got into the bass.Guitar players do not play bass very well,they play it like a guitar which it is not.