You Have Been Working A five String Bass?

Exclusively now yes.I like a big fat bottom end and a huge neck to work with.My beloved fender jazz went into mothballs over it.And I think a seven string is out there waiting also as well as some electric fretless.Four strings is particular to the double bass acoustic and at first the four string electrics were modeled to that.But getting my hands on a five was such a trip,I had it all on the four then had these massive lower registers to work with.To the point where the blueman even had a custom 18" speaker cab built.He chose some exotic woods that delivered the tone but the cabinet is so light to pick up and move.If the venue has a house system I prefer to just go direct.Yet for the smaller venues the cabinet rocks it right from the stage so fine,the whole stage and dance floor is rumbling.Then you set the dynamics,you are not always just blasting after the solo you fall down again real cool and play behind the vocal.You let up on the power and stroke and people bend their ears to listen.And you are pulling them in with you.