You met Mick Taylor?

He is doing the Telecastor on "Mean Woman Blues."Nobody knew who he was,he was very off in the corner.And he was obvious,running for his life.I got marvin to hook him up with a plate of food to take with him."Bro,you have got to eat something every day if you can,"Wow it was sad to see him like that!He was very cool and held his own,yet you can also see he was in great difficulty.I think It is due The Rolling Stones to pony up his money fair and square,and allow him to rejoin the band for their Farewell America Tour.He is a rollin' stone.A blues guitarist on a par with Hubert Sumlin.Perhaps even moreso..He stepped into the shoes of Brian Jones, and with Brian's blessing.All that we have is today.It is sad to see passed on friends with you onstage and nobody can hear them.