You Said Some Pretty Mean Things

I suppose that I did.And all of it is the truth.But you are not the one left to rise again out of the quagmire,I am.And at this point we ought to have been riding the crest instead of starting over again.But that is okay with a brand new clean slate to work with.And now I only have to cover my own ass.Now I am just not a part of something I am something.I don't have to be the leader of a band.I am the band.I have a choice to sit and muse bitterly about what is past and gone or be optimistic about the future.And do something about it.Cut my best tracks.I can't let the world bring me down to where I am bitter and just give up.It is a much longer haul than I expected by way far.There was so much more that I had to learn.I have got to be happy and enjoy it or else I will not do it.Otherwise it is not worth it,to hate my works.My works ought to be a vacation to me from the reality of this life.I can't wait to go to work!To be in mind and spirit who I really am.The true identity the world denied me of.Thankfully I received enough bits and pieces of it to keep me going.I would play the humdrum gigs at the club and then be booked into a university that would riot from the moment I took the stage.I had a good local agent,Jay Brown and in Nashville Marv Dennis who kept me working and did not rip me off.But not William Morris or Johnny Wright who could have made me national.To be the warm up act for the boy bands.My black rock and roll band who now lives as only the legend.Which may be enough,we were so loved and so hated at the same time.Yet I was so proud to fly into NYC with the enormous load of talent that was my nigger rock and roll band.And I was the head nigger of it.It is so passe for white people to cop onto some little stuff and think they are expressing themselves as a black person,but it is all phoney,just an emminence front,a put on.A fake.I was not going to slide through this without taking on the identity of a black person.If we were cooking chittlin's I was expected to eat them.I was so hungry they tasted so good with the greens.After the first stage of the band I moved on into gospel music with the black church.Rocking riots at the revivals!I was accepted and did not have to do a put on.With my white skin I was fully considered and ordained a black man.Kid Rock can't say that,nor emininem nor mick jagger.They are all surface pretenders.