You Would Have Given Up Your Own Thing To Be with Blackstar as Just As A guitarist?

Yes,I would have been the most dangerous guitarist in the world.Total economy.The drummer, Gregg, told me every note I would have to play and nothing more.It was all about a very tight pocket for Shawn to cruise on.And these session were 2 1/2 analog so they are played all the way through.I had to play the same riff over and over exactly the same way,there was no "cut and paste."Solo's were unheard of except at rehearsals where they would cut loose with me on a slow blues but there was no need to solo because Shawn Brown carried the whole thing.I may never have done another guitar solo yet I would have been living very well my friend.And with rap and hip-hip hop just around the corner I would have been the go to guy for the likes of Snoop and many others for a tight ass guitar part.And tight would be to me five grand an hour plus expenses,cash money.For just a little riff that makes your record a hit.That you made millions would not bug me as long as I received my 5 an hour.Call me and let's talk.