Your Artist/Performer Section Changes From Song to Song I Your Discography,Please Explain.

You have a combination of things here from my solo recordings,recordings with my performing groups and recordings with people contracted specifically for particular sessions.And on a few occasions it would overlap where the performing band was also working in the studio with the session players.Or without.Or sessions that I did for other bands projects.And then of course the live recordings have different ensembles.The discography covers my 38 year independent recording career beginning in 1978 to the present day.For the most part I have labored in obscurity,I did not grow up in a showbusiness town like Ny,LA,or Nashville.I come from a small town out of the ashes of nothing.The internet was non-existant,the way to get noticed was from a knockout stage act playing the clubs.Grinding it out on the long road trying to hold the band together.Knocking them out night after night in town after town. and let me tell you America is one vast country.So full of beauty,and I did well..I always got the joint jumpin,!That big break was only just right around the corner.And over the next three mountain ranges.Followed by the next five.When you managed to climb a mountain when you got to the top your view was of all of the other mountains you had to cross.Crashing on people's couches,on picnic benches at the state parks with year turning over year and decade turning over decade.All of those towns looking just the same.and how amazing the kindness that people can show you helping you along to the next step."Don't pay for the motel,y'all can stay at my place while you are here."Singing and playing for money yes,I needed my modest income and still we were singing and playing by the campfires just for fun.That was the thing and still is the thing to play,play,and play.On breaks at the club we would go down the street to holler at the other band and strike up a friendship with them,sit in with them and they would come and sit in with us,we related to eachother cause we were all from out of town running from coast to coast and what a suprise to find both bands playing in different clubs on the same block a thousand miles away.The warm hugs and the smart ass remarks we would shoot off to eachother."Afer the show let's all go have breakfast together!"The locals just loved it!We were all so young,strong,pretty,and resilient.And so free!We flew like birds making our way playing music!"Hey,when we make it y'all are going to be our warmup act,but you will have to carry our equipment."And when both bands had the same night off we would(both bands) all go and see a local performer and have a dance party to their music.Same thing again we would all sit in with them and on their night off they would come and see us.All of us were on the far brink of insanity and needed eachother to keep all of us somehow sane!I appreciated then and now even moreso appreciate how footloose and free we were.All of us successful in avoiding day jobs!We were not famous yet we had the world by the tail!Yet he page has turned and all of that is gone now.I knew that the only place to carve it in stone was the recording studio.In this fuzzy feeling of goodwill that I carry tonight I am going to pass you big tip about the recording process That I ought to be charging you for yet here you go,,,record it totally dry. Thank you for tuning in and turning on,Best wishes Always/Ren