Your New Producer,Who Is He?

Kenny Veenstra from Progressive CD's.Recording at his studio, Abbey Road South.This was a great find for me.A great musician,producer,engineer videographer and film editor/producer.Has owned for 30 odd years one of the worlds finest CD duplication and creation houses.Progressive CD'S.A very long track record of honest success.A very fine example of a human being as well.If you desire to be successful it makes sense to associate with those that are successful.It is a good aura and a synergy.People that are committed to see a thing through,sharing and complementing your vision.It serves to put you on your good foot too.So you come with your best.And this is the music biz you understand,it is easy to fall in with about any kind of loser you can think of.Who will ALWAYS let you down at the crucial moment.The pro's are different.It makes the work fun and the struggles not so important, are working with a higher level of intellect.The great majority of musicians live in fantasy land.For the pro's it is how the rent is paid and dinner is put upon the table.If you cannot hustle you better get out of here!And it's okay you know,you can still play music with a band on the weekend and have some good fun.Or just hang out and jam.You can quit anytime you want to,it is not your life mission so to speak.If it is then you have got to make some contacts with like-minded individuals.You have to stay on course.Persistence is what pays off.That and learning how to duck!This goes through all levels,who is the local band that is always working?I want to play with them.They are motivated and hustling.They draw a consistent following to their is a different thing to have all of your high school buddies show up for a gig.One night,or to have them follow you for 30 years.That is the group I will be working with.And still come to cause you have got to be doing your own thing.You can't lay back on them.You have to make time for what YOU do.Plus deal with everything else that comes to you in life.After all of that if you can do anything substantial that is pretty remarkable.