Your Real Direction?

Producing and publishing.Live is great and I shall always do,and have done many riots...but I do not remember it at all.I don't have to,I did it!Escaped a lynch mob after doing it!Warned by The Georgia State Police "Do not return to the hotel,leave town right after the show."And they were so right.The old 1958 Chevy Bluebird Schoolbus we traveled in was out fitted with nitrous oxide (NOS) at Germantown Auto Service in Nashville,Tn.A Chevy 283 V8 under the hood,a cracked engine block repaired with JB weld.The drivers seat was not bolted to the floor and my Parakeet was dancing on the steering wheel and trouble was coming up fast!I had invested into six brand new tires and a hydrovac brake system.And a Music City Tag (MUS279) when I flipped the nox switch we became airborne.The front end would raise up and fire would shoot from the tailpipes as we were running headers without mufflers.(no back pressure!)Twenty or so odd years later I am no longer really up for that kind of a hunt!That bus was drilled and perhaps riveted together by bulletholes!You young folks have no idea of this freedom,YOU COULD NEVER PULL THIS OFF!The Music City Tag" I was trying to insure the bus and my State Farm Agent told me I must get A Music City Tag.$350.00!!! I about shat myself,he said "money well spent my dear son!"We broke down on the road from birmingham to mobile (I-65) and the tag was 2years expired.The Alabama State Police drove me to pick up gas.I said "are you going to ticket me for the out-of date tag?"She said "No sir,that bus is a historical site,a Music City Tag never goes out-of -date! We are assising you to get to your next show."I loved that adventure but do not wish to repeat it.We were not hassled any kind of way.The officers were friendly and assisted us to get on down the road.