This is the tale of Michelle auditioning for American Idol both in Orlando and Chicago.She was so distraught when she didn't make it and I suggested to her that we do a song about the expierence.I think the feeling was captured pretty well here.

The Performers:
Michelle Rene Parisianne:Lead Vocals

Rene Labre:Lead and BGV"s/All guitars/Electric and symphonic double bass/Grand Piano

Chilling Vocal Harmonies:Rene labre,David Huges,Marvin Brown

Wayne Legg:Drums

Produced By Tom Morris
c/p 2011 American Impact Publishing Company


Drove a long road to Orlando,
waited in line for three long days.
Made it in for the audition,
did not make it successfully.
Then they sent me home.
I cried all the way home
thinking I could have done better than I did.

And I hoped this would be
the easy ride.
Oh please let this be the easy ride..just this one time.

I rode a greyhound to Chicago,
waited in line for three days,just like Orlando.
The cold Chicago wind
slapped me in the face,it's freezing my ears and my nose.
People were so mean,pushing and shoving
just to make it in the stadium.

And I hope this will be
the easy ride,
oh please let this be the easy ride.