Rene Labre - Executive Producer

RENE LABRE,(A.K.A.'S-FRENCHY SONGWRITER,LEAD AND BACKROUND VOCALIST,ALL GUITARS,GRAND PIANO,HAMMOND B-3 ORGAN,DULCIMER,HARMONICA,AUTOHARP ELECTRIC BASS, DOUBLE BASS, BASS PEDALS,ZOOM BASS,HARPGUITAR,PERCUSSIONIST,DOBRO,RECORDER,OCARINA,CLAVINETTE,MANDOLIN, CLAVICHORD,HARPSICHORD. PRODUCER,FILMAKER,PUBLISHER,DIRECTOR,LIFETIME STAGE PERFORMER,LONG TIME INDEPENDENT MUSIC PIONEER AND SOUL SURVIVOR.PRINCIPLE INSTRUMENTS-VOICE AND LEAD GUITAR. BORN:JANUARY 3,1956 HOMETOWN:ERIE,PENNSYLVANIA EDUCATION LEVEL:Gannon University AFFILIATIONS:AMERICAN SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS ,AUTHORS, AND PUBLISHERS-(WRITER AND PUBLISHER MEMBER),DIRECTORS GUILD,INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE GUILD,NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FEMALE EXECUTIVES.ST. JUDES CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL,DISABLED AMERICAN VETRANS COMMANDERS CLUB HIGHEST NATIONAL CHART POSITIONS:TWO NUMBER ONES-NEW MUSIC WEEKLY TOP 40 UP AND COMING CHARTS "STAGELIGHT LOVER"/(OO) (OO) i'VE BEEN CALLING #13 ON GAVIN CHARTS-"SHES A TEASE" # 1 AMERICAN IDOL UNDERGROUND RADIO-"AMERICAN IDOL AUDITION" 3 TIMES A MOST ADDED TO AMERICAN BROADCAST TOP 40 RADIO SECONDARY MARKETS. OCCUPATION:DREAMCHASER SEXUAL ORIENTATION:MAN RELATIONSHIPS:SINGLE DAD,GENERALLY PROFESSIONAL/PRIVATE PERSON FAVORITE FOODS:SMOKED SALOMON ON PUMPERNICKEL BREAD ANCHOVIES?: YES MOST IMPORTANT GIG:CHEEKWOOD FINE ARTS CENTER (SOLO GUITAR) NASHVILLE,TN. FAVORITE DRINK:GRAND MARINER IN ANY BAR ON 42ND STREET NOTABLE QUOTES:"AS IT WERE." "TITS ARE FOR KIDS." DISLIKES:PRETENTION AND INSENSERITY,INSENSITIVITY WHAT CITY WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO LIVE IF YOU HAD A CHOICE?:i LOVE THE VILLAGE-NYC BUT I DON'T THINK I WOULD WANT TO LIVE IN ANY CITY.I WOULD LOVE TO VISIT KIEV IN THE UKRAINE. TOP AWARDS:1996-"BEST MOM ON THE BLOCK"-NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FEMALE EXECUTIVES.2000 UPS TRUCK LEASING 'CLASS A CDL" COMBINATION TRACTOR/ TRAILER DEMOLITION DERBY-FLORIDA STATE CHAMPION. LABEL:AMERICAN IMPACT RECORDING LABEL TYPE:INDIE "CHANCES ARE MOST LIKELY YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ME YET ONE DAY YOU PROBABLY SHALL.THE TYPE OF THING I DO AS AN ARTIST,WELL IT IS AS MUDDY WATERS STATED "IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN RIGHT THERE AND THEN,YOU HAVE TO PRESEVERE AND WORK IT." 98% OF WHAT YOU HEAR I DID MYSELF FROM CREATION TO PUBLISHED WORK.MY RECORDING TECHNIC IS NOT DIGITAL CUT AND PASTE,IT IS A SCORED PERFORMANCE FROM THE EDGE TO THE END." GOOD MORNING AMERICA HOW ARE YOU?HEY, DON'T YOU KNOW ME,I'M YOUR NATIVE SON,I'M A TRAIN THEY CALL THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS AND I'LL BE GONE FIVE HUNDRED MILES WHEN THE DAY IS DONE. To be honest with you I feel I am better suited for The Smithsonian Institute than the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. As a long time dream chaser my hopes were overnight success at a young age. What I found was an endless series of sacrifices coupled with constant rejection, to climb one mountain only gave one the view of three more that are twice as high. Yet the dream remained in a clear view right in front of me, I could touch it and taste it, it’s right there for the taking. Soon the war will be over. Pick up that guitar case and keep on walking…try not to worry about it, it will be okay as soon as I sign my life away to a major record label right were the red sticky arrow says “sign here” so you ink it in the right place. The trip has been much more like Robert Johnson and less like Beatles my story is one of persistence and pain not only to me but to everyone in my sphere that I love and who love me as I insanely keep on rocking. Even when you get to your dream it is going to change up and be just a little bit further on up the road. The constitution of my native land, The United States calls this the pursuit of happiness. King Solomon calls it a chasing of the wind and both are correct, it is a journey and not a destination. At this point of my writing to you it would be easy to deem that I have failed yet I beg to differ with you, I Have successfully discovered almost all of the ways not to make it in the music industry. Do you my dear reader Know how many times Thomas Edison failed to invent the incandescent light bulb? Over 7000 attempts is the estimated figure, think of that when you come home and flip on a switch. From the time of my first recording contract with Wooden Bowl Records in 1979 I have functioned strictly as a singles artist with the objective being airplay on broadcast radio. When recording, mixing, whatever it is always on one song with a four minute time limit. As you shall see on the album that wild pony has Been hard to pull the reins in on. Every session has been An experiment on something we have rehearsed to death, Over and over countless times until we have it so down That we are going to let go of it and ride on it to see where It takes us. We don’t go into the studio until we are ready to do this….studio time is expensive and every second has to count for something. At sometime or another it is the artist who is going to pay that bill. In this particular case only one person in the studio Has a suit on-me, the executive producer. Next to being “dad” this is my job and I love it. I choose and help write the material, perform on my instruments, and sing my heart out, lead or backing vocals, I don’t care. Let’s rock it!!!! There is no record exec or A and R guy saying “you can’t do that.” It ain’t that I am so great, it is a gift from the LORD up above. I found when I had day jobs, it seems to be necessary For a supervisor to humiliate and shame an employee Into doing a good job, for most I feel it is an opportunity To step on your hands to alleviate their own feelings Of shortcoming. Were all only human eh? When one of my artists or technicians is floundering at a point that is the time to build them Up not knock them down. In the preceding paragraphs I make reference to “we” which goes out not just to the artists but the entire crew and we are all just crew here with everyone in their place. American Impact does not cater to star trips. On With the Show! Thank you, Rene

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