Jimi Hendrix 

I read about Jimi' homecoming to Seattle.They were dying to hear him play purple haze and he would not do it.Yes he had moved on to other things at that point yet to take four minutes or so to play purple haze,what is the big deal?If I am asked to play Johnny B Good I am more than happy to play it.It ruined the concert,which ought to have been a very special thing.I don't know,if I went home they would not buy Rene Labre Superstar.They would rather see me play in the livingroom or a cookout.They would of…

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"You have to do a hit man!" 

I know that,you have to kick ass with a tune.You have got to have a hit.You only need to have one.More than one is even better.You have to have a good hit,one that you like and enjoy to play.I mean if you go onstage and people want to hear you do your hit and you do not do it.Why are you in this crazy business?After you do the hit you can do anything you want.

You are a Gibson guy? 

Yes,I have been for as long as I can remember.I like other things,love the strat.But get bored with it.And I lost my collection of guitars.That has changed.From an SJ200/12 to an L-5,to "Mudbug." My 345.I am very thankful about that.

Long Time no see 

Thank you for being there.Have got to back to the studio to do an original.I have one more film on the line,A tribute to Bob Dylan.Everybody finds it so easy to knock him.Oh he can't sing.He is not a good guitar player so forth and so on.I thought his singing is good.That he is a great songwriter.A couple of times he got caught drunk onstage,that is not a good thing.for the last little while I have had to do a capella in the studio.I enjoy it very much.I have had to rebuild every thing.Had a lot of…

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Occupy your own league. 

To really cross over you have to stop holding onto your past.Bringing back people that you know are going to let you down.They always have and they always will.And they are not shit.They are parasites on you

YourFeelings About This Fake Guitar Thing? 

"Well I was itchy to get a new 12 string.An acoustic and started shopping.my original collection which was to die for was stolen from me.And I looked at the prices which had tripled,and set out going to music stores to go out and play some and it was a far thing from the old days.Some were interesting yet I did not really like any of them.Well no I did really like a Gibson B.B. King Model.It was selling for 3 grand,it was so sweet and beautiful I was thinking about walking out the door with it as mine.Then…

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I bet the studio you use is all computers! 

Yes,in fact supercomputers!It is all still just a tape machine to me.One heck of a tape machine!I wish I had a Scully in that mix.To record my acoustic guitar the studio went out and bought a fourteen hundred dollar mic.Just for a rhythm track!That is being serious about something.Making it bound to last.I feel very blessed to have met with wonderful good people to work with.One of the finest producers in the world,Kenny Veenstra.

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