Sweet Mood The singer has a very pretty and unique voice (though reminds me a little of Pat Benatar). Sweet mood set in this song, as well as chillin' harmonies. The harmonica accents are a nice touch. Overall, a well produced and arranged song. Will listen again. - jvmyka from Baltimore, Maryland” - JVMYKA


Rene Labre Goes #1 on pop Chart at ameri... Wed, Mar 12, 2008, 09:27 PM I am elated to announce that the song "American Idol Audition" has been voted number one on the pop chart at this week. Thank you for your support!/Rene Labre” - Number One by Popular Vote

— American idol Underground/Billboard

cool vocals and harmonies combine for a cool sound. The song could stand to be shorter though. The vocals soundlike a young Linda Ronstat (sp). Nice work - jfharris91 from Nashville, Tennessee” - jfharris91


This has a folky sound in the intro Then when the vocals come in it reminds me of those 70's bands that came in the wake of ABBA. I love the harmonica, it gives the whole song a distinctive character. It is such a nice touch. This is like the musical equilivent of being in a costume shop, preparing for a fancydress party. So many colours and textures. Incongruity abounds. I think this must be a band because,despite this musical "flitting about" there is something that anchors the sound, keeps it rooted and coherent. The players are all coming from the same place, going in the same direction. There is much to critcise technically I suppose. Sometimes the voice is a little off in places, the recording is not top notch clear and there are areas that could be polished up. But these are elements. And magic is not about the elements. Magic is about the whole experience,the general impression., the overall appreciation. This sounds like a group of Happy, fun living wizards Excellent stuff. - gilderfish from N'pton, United Kingdom” - GILDERFISH


Unique Girl vocalist has an amazing voice. Very easy listenig song.. Although I feel there is something missing I want a more driving beat with the guitars. But they may just be my opinion. Deffinately keep it up. Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Production, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track. - Hanover Speed, Indiana” - Hanover


Nee and Lancy very different intro, though it could go any of three ways at first. Nice to hear a male/female duet with a slight cowboy feel (I'm a big Nancy and Lee fan). Rhythm is a bit stilted, is it a machine? I'm sure I've heard the melody before but, hey, there's only twelve notes right? It works well generally all over. - AndyJohnson from Middlesbrough, Teesside, United Kingdom” - Andy Johnson

— Teeside,England,United Kingdom

review both vocals are excellent. piano lines are good. like the use of harmonica. came out of nowhere, in a good way. song length is good..not too long. like the guitar solo. has a good tone. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals. - braindoll Dix Hills, New York” - Braindoll


Lead vocals are decent.Nice leads. Keep on doing your thing and try to keep pushing for your goals. - benjaminkyle from Lorain, Ohio” - benjaminkyle


lovely female vocal The melody got repetitive pretty quickly, but the female singer has a very nice voice. The unison singing was pretty as well. I liked the delicate touches the lead guitar added. - Phyllis_Heitjan from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania” - Phyllis_Heitjan

— Valley Forge,PA

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