A dedication to my brothers and sisters of the road. Ah, Er...this song was a major mixing experiment for me as a producer. The trick that may hurt us or help us the most is that with The Rene Labre Group the search is for a spontaneous feel and burst of brilliant energy. A "buzz" if you will. In terms of technology we would sacrifice edited perfection for a cool feel In terms of mixing I was looking for a tune that as you listen to it you desire to keep turning it up. I think that with listeners it will come to a point that you are going to want to mix your own personal song libraries yourself. That is far out! Any song done by anyone would sound so different..could you imagine being able to personally re-mix the album "Roundabout" by Yes? Dude this would be tripping sans LSD. So to edit a long story to fit the needs and requirements of broadcast radio TURN THIS ONE UP RIGHT FROM THE START!!!! Thanks to Mr. Billy Pike, a fellow trucker for loaning me his dad's Kay acoustic for the guitar solo.


I get paid to ball the jack you see,
up and down the superslab.
We roll out to haul, free and easy ya'll,
it's rolling thunder with a chrome smokestack.
This payload's inbound into Houston,
down by the astrodome.
all the time on my mind is how I miss my stately home.

Girl we can't live with all this pain and sorrow,
I'm coming home tomorrow.

Bobtailing up out of Houston,
to snag a transfer leaving out from Beaumont,
ahead there lies miles and miles and miles, I can't remember when I lost count.
All I have is you on my mind Mon Cher, as heavy weather turns into fog,
visibility has me sinking down,
double clutch and change a cog.

Girl we can't live through all this pain and sorrow,
I'm coming home tomorrow.

Highballing into pascagoula,with a load of red beans and rice,with
rhythm and blues on my radio, Bonnie Raitt's guitar
sliding through the night.
It's worked up with my dispatcher, my next load is homeward bound,
Sign these bills baby, let me go,
I've got to fuel up and pound ground.

Girl we're gonna break all this pain and sorrow,
I'm coming home tomorrow,
I'm coming home tomorrow
Great GOD almighty!
I'm coming home tomorrow.