1. Donna

From the recording Donna

This is so beautiful,I met someone who is a good friend of mine who agreed to experiment with me,to become my muse for a love song.To fall in love for the creation of a song.Oh yes and she was one of these sweet little irish lasses.Less that four feet tall,not a midjet,a leprecaun.I lost it too,I really fell in love with her,I went beyond the script she is so pretty and so sweet I asked her to become my pretty little wife.She shook her head no..."here is my guitar and there is the pen,just write the song Rene and stop being so silly."I had to borrow her guitar to do it.Only an irish would have gone along with this proposal.She is Irish and french and this song is where she took my emotions.The world will not get it,the mass media as always will ban it yet I feel it is up there with Hank Williams.


will she kiss me goodnight?
I want to hold her tight and tell her it's alright.

If I only had one day to live,please let me be at your side.
We only have one life to live,I want you to know I adore you.
Repeat chorus
Babe if you ever get lonely or scared just wrap my love around you.
I don't care if the world falls down,I'm so glad that I found you.
repeat chorus.

Every time you kiss me I know that it's true,
you turn my world upside down.
How can my heart break free and fly so high with both of my feet on the ground?

Will she kiss me goodnight?
Honey hold me tight.
Tell me it's alright.