From the recording FOR MEMBERS ONLY

This recording was inspired
while watching the newsreels of the Columbine High School massacre seeing all those young people and the staff crying and holding eachother after the horror of that awful day.
We did this so they may not be forgotten.


This is members only,
it's a private party.
You don't need no money,
to qualify.
Don't bring your checkbook
bring a broken heart.

It's members only tonight.

You say you lost your woman,
and you say you lost your man,
You've got a lot of problems all in your life.
We're throwing a party,
for the sad and lonely.

It's members only tonight.

Go tell mama,
please tell daddy,
red and yellow, black and white.
we're throwing a party
for the brokenhearted,

it's members only tonight,
for members only tonight,
it's members only tonight.