Did you ever have a time when someone tried hard to shoot you the blues? You just want to do right and really need a pair of brand new shoes. come on,come on come on baby! If you have a lady friend, she really makes you jump and shout. Let me tell you life is for living,you receive by your giving, Don't hold it back, let your light shine out! Come on, come on,come on come on baby. I really, really ,really , want to be with you. Yes Ma'am! I didn't come to cause a fuss, thai cat ain't looking for trouble. When I look to check things out they can't steal my joy, Though they try so hard to make me stumble! Come on, come on, come on come on baby, Let's do it again and again and again. Come on, come on ,come on come on baby. I really,really,really want to be with you.