From the recording Oh, How I love You

Lyrics by Jordan Tyler Labre music by Rene Labre.
Recorded at Morrisound Studios/Tampa
Engineers:Judd packer,Mark Prator,Rob Valdez
Co-producers:Rob Valdez/Rene Labre
Performers:Rene labre,Vocals,All Guitars,Grand Piano,Hammond Organ,Harmonica
Susan Mejeras:Drums
Chip Collins:Bass
Mark Prator:Divine Tambourine
It was a very fortunate break for Us that we were able to have Susan Mejeras Perform on drums for this session. Her time was so occupied as the director of high school marching bands in Tampa,Fla.A music teacher also performing six nights a week at saddlebrook country club. She never sleeps (except at red lights) and stands as a classic example of survival as a local musician especially in a huge poo-dunk type of town that tampa is.She just so happened to have purchased a new set of slingerland radio kings she wanted to try out.We feel she broke them in pretty well on this track.


I love you,
oh how I love you.
I Love You,
Nobody knows how I love You,
Your so cute,your so kind.
You always want to kiss me all the time.
Place your hand here in mine.
I've just got to make you mine all mine.

I love you,
oh, how I love you.
I love you,
nobody knows how I love you.
Your so sweet and so nice,
everything about you is sugar and spice.
Your so true and so good,
it makes me want to do the things a good man should.
You take me a little bit higher.