The follow up to (oo)(oo)I've Been Calling,it never got past the demo stage.


Somebody told me you were just to cool,
somebody said not to play the fool.
Then you walked into my life...
Now you've got me thinking twice.

Before you came up in the world
it was me...paying for your dreams.
I turned around and found
You don't give a damn about me.

Your too cool,to be with me.
too be with me.

Hello freaky-deaky!
How are you?
your such a freaky thang,
I don't know what I'm gonna here I go,

Don't know what I'm gonna do.
Don't know what to do now
Don't know what I'm gonna do!

I have to see your movie,
cause you rocked me on your CD.
Every night I dream 'bout you,
my fantasies are your marketing scheme.

Your too cool to be with me,
too be with me.