From the recording You Won't Get Away This Time

A Bob Dylany type of song
for those who have been betrayed or a fitting picture for someone of notoriety who has been caught red-handed abusing their power/position.There seems to be an awful lot of that going about from the office of the president so forth and so on right on down the line.This tune is a great place to dump your frustrations at.
Written in Charlie Parker's old hotel room and the foyer piano at the Milford Plaza Hotel in New York City. Recorded back home in Tampa at morrisound studios with the following personnel:Rene on Lead vocals, all guitars and piano, David White On Bass,Roger Hughes on the mandolin.A large part of this song was therapy for Roger, a great friend and lead guitarist for The Blue Dice Band who had just suffered a terrible accident to his hands to a point where it was doubtful that he would ever be able to play again.Thankfully for all of us his he did heal his broken hands and is back onstage again.Therefore the therapy was a success!


I've Been watching you,
For such a long time.
I love you because I am your friend.
When I see the things you're starting to do It's making my heart ache.
My heart aches because I don't understand.
What is this you have embraced?
Why is that shadow falling across your face?
You are in for a big surprise, You won't get away this time.
Did you think you were behind a closed door,
postive that no one would see?
You could always lie in the public eye, you fooled them all with ease!
You answered every question perfect as proof though not one word of it is the truth.
You're falling through time and space,
you'd better get ready to be put in your place.
You are way out of line,
you won't get away this time.....OH NO!