How Do You Feel About Losing Your Guitar Collection?

"I did have some very cool guitars,not a collection yet it was perfect for me,I loved and spent a lot of time taking care of them.Many very special memories associated with them,especially my SG and Les Paul Professional..The thief came and stole them.They all have RL carved in the last fret,if you come across one get in touch with me,I offer a reward with no questions asked.Whilst I had them I made the most of it by recording them.How could they be replaced though?and from now on I though man,I just want one guitar to keep close to me all of the time.and thus so I was blessed to have acquired my "Berquis" my Hofner Les Paul Custom.She began her life with me as "Plain Jane" a little Hofner Colorama Custom,just black with no frills but she sounded and felt fantastic!I got in touch with the folks at Hofner in Germany and asked them if they could help me refit her and get her set up to my specs.Which they did do with eight coats of black lacquer.What I got sent back to me was no longer Plain Jane she is now "Berquis!An assault guitar,short scale which I prefer.A tone bomb,blows away all of my other guitars.At first glance you would still think it to be a trailer park guitar.Trust me,this is not a student model,you can balance her on the tip of our finger!Precision German engineering.You can hear her on the video soundtrack Poor Side Of Town.Peace out y'all!Here is the video.

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