The Birth Of A New Band

Real good news today,Have gone under agreement to form a new band with my Producer Kenny Veenstra.We have been working together for about four years and well we had been going over the possibility to form a mutual music project of all original material and today got to be working on the arrangements and the birth came of "Rosewater Blue."The last version of The Rene Labre group,and God bless them, was the final nail in that coffin.The thought of pursuing that direction again just made me sick.What it was well, that will stand for what it is Their are still many ideas that will come from it,Those guys are very dear friends of mine,I love them,yet it makes no sense to beat a dead horse.The solo work I did afterwards,it is cool too yet I wanted to get together with a band..I don't really care about being the leader,manager,whatnot/star of the show.With the objective being to go out and play live.And to do original material.To all Tee Blue fans,I have been working with him for two decades and there is no change there.He is one of my closest personal friends as well.There is no bad water there,our next show is October 31 at the Tiki. Kenny is a child prodigy on the piano.has been working a very successful recording studio and media/CD Manufacturing business for many years and now wants to move out onto the live stage.Possesses a master degree in orchestral composition.among many other prestigious awards and scholarships and has worked behind the scenes for the success of numerous artists.I am really buzzed as you can see that he decided to step out and display his awesome talent to the world.He hears me playing and then I drop out with my jaw dropped,the attitude is not the old draggy rock star trip.It is the love of playing music.the joy of it.and then well,perhaps you just get lucky.

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