A Lot of Ragging On Gibson Guitars Online-Pretty funny

It is either condemnation from those who can't afford to blind loyalty to those who bought them.I really don't want to enter that frey.I can tell you how I feel about it and relate it to you as a Gibson lover who,breathed,lived and slept with two of them for many years.Pretty much for sure I would not spend over a thousand dollars for a guitar hanging on a rack.To me that is a floor model to take it for a spin.If it hit the jackpot I would expect to be able to work a deal with the sales guy.Yet I know guitars inside and out and know what to look for.It may be so pretty to look at and if you don't know what to look for you may fall prey to it.A reputable dealer would understand your concerns,you are making an investment,a big one.If they know you are a pro,and they will you can pick up the floor model for a generous discount.If you are a pro you have a luthier who can easy fix the flaws.Other wise you tell them "I want to order this one."Personally I,well,would prefer to get a deal on a good used one.One of my guitar player friends may have one they want to sell at a fair price.Not Cheap mind you,a fair price.I would not buy one over the net at all.

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