Is Jim Morrison alive?

I for one do not think so.He certainly had the ways and the means to do it.And that would be the ultimate cure all for a rock star that wanted out.And if if he faked it and pulled it off,I do not think that you would see him in New York or Oregon.To do that would,even if you are still alive,would be a final decision,you would have to live a very obscure life after that.You would not want to be seen or recognized,and there would be a money trail someplace,he could have just retired and would have plenty of money.The Doors unlike most rock bands,ran a very tight ship banking wise,the people working that end for them were very loyal.They themselves had good things yet did not live lavish lifestyles.They had successfully completed the terms of their record contract.To this very day their sales,their timeless music is very strong.They are in a league all their own.If Jim were alive he would be doing something creative in a different realm.It is a small wonder that the other surviving doors view all of these imposters with contempt.Because they are nothing but fakes.Trying to cash in.They were a very tight band,if Jim actually had faked his death they would know.There was no need to go to a crazy extreme like that.He is at peace resting in his grave.

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