YourFeelings About This Fake Guitar Thing?

"Well I was itchy to get a new 12 string.An acoustic and started original collection which was to die for was stolen from me.And I looked at the prices which had tripled,and set out going to music stores to go out and play some and it was a far thing from the old days.Some were interesting yet I did not really like any of them.Well no I did really like a Gibson B.B. King Model.It was selling for 3 grand,it was so sweet and beautiful I was thinking about walking out the door with it as mine.Then this snooty guy walks up and puts his hands on the fingerboard and tells me"You have a lot of nerve to pick up the most expensive guitar here,that you could never afford and sit here and put smudges on it.I was on a break from my regular job and had my work uniform on.And could have bought the guitar on that day,wrapped her up and took her back to work with me.He was not a Sam Ash employee he was just an effin prick.He killed the sale.I have ups and downs in my career pursuit yet I have done a lot of good business with sam Ash.I unplugged the guitar and walked out the door.I ended up striking up a friendship with a luthier who's family has been making guitars for three generations.A southern backwoods guy who has made boutique guitars for the biggest rock,jazz,classical,stars in the world.He really liked my Hofner.He spat out some tobacco and said "come out to the farm this Sunday and bring 500 dollars,I will build you any guitar you want or could dream up.That will get us started,I do the build yet send it out to my partner who does the inlay is not going to be cheap,yet I will work with you.Figure it to be about two grand.You will be very happy.If anything goes wrong it will be fixed."He is also a master winemaker and bass fisherman.I am not leaving his place without a couple of bottles of tangerine or grapefruit wine.If I were going to buy a Gibson it would be one of the classics.Far and away I would rather support a master luthier and fellow countryman than a corporate executive.

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